Printed Electronics
Thinfilm leads the printed electronics industry, with an unmatched arsenal of technology to deliver printed electronic smart systems.
Printed Memory
Thinfilm has 50+ patents on the first and only printed rewritable nonvolatile memory in the industry.
  • Roll-to-roll printed 7-layer process
  • Width of a 450mm wafer and a kilometer long
  • Xerox opened 1.3 billion-unit plant in early 2016
Printed Dopant Polysilicon Logic
Thinfilm holds 200+ patents and patents-pending on sheet-based logic.
Logic is the core technology needed to create any integrated system.
  • Currently using sheet-based manufacturing process
  • 4 out of 8 layers printed on thin stainless steel substrate
  • Planned roll-based processing to deliver billion-unit capacity
  • Roll-to-roll manufacturing line operational for EAS in Q4 2017 and NFC in Q3 2018
Printed Displays
Thinfilm in-licensed technology from Acreo ICT for printed electrochromic displays, and is the first in the world to scale production to roll-to-roll.
  • Roll-to-roll 5-layer process
  • Ideal for simple indicator displays
  • Printed on the same line as our Thinfilm Memory technology
Printed Batteries
With Imprint Energy, Thinfilm is developing sheet-based and roll-to-roll production for Imprint’s PolyZinc technology.
  • Earth-friendly
  • Low-cost
Printed Silicon Ink
Thinfilm has produced one of the industry’s highest performance silicon inks and is open to discussions of licensing and scale-up for use within our own products and for sale to others.
Roll-to-roll production in Linköping, Sweden
Scale-up manufacturing via Xerox in Webster, NY, USA
Sheet-based logic production in San Jose, CA, USA
Roll-to-roll manufacturing for EAS (Q4 2017) and NFC (Q3 2018)