Thinfilm Memory
Thinfilm Memory is the world’s only printed rewritable non-volatile memory
  • Massively scalable roll-to-roll production
  • Licensed by Xerox Corporation, December 2014
  • Production-scale manufacturing line initiated in early 2016 at Xerox in Webster, NY
Watch a video that highlights the vital role Xerox® Printed Memory will play in the future of smart packaging
Xerox Security Label Solution
Printed memory plus cryptographic codes deliver unforgeable label.
Remains secure even if visual printing is copied
Secure code that changes at every step
Use Overview - Product Authentication
Read authentication code from Xerox® Printed Memory.
Read QR code
Authentication code generated from QR code (Proprietary secure algorithm)
Secure proprietary APP compares authentication code with Xerox Printed Memory data.
Data Management Options:
(a) Rewrite to Xerox Printed Memory
(b) Readings / Data stored in Reader/APP for upload to database when online
Xerox Printed Memory for Smart Consumables
Refill equipped with a printed memory label
Base unit can read and write to memory.
Electronic handshake between base and refill.
Sample Use Cases
Record number of days a refill is in use or alert consumer when replacement is needed
Count number of times consumable cartridge is dispensed or disable if tampering is suspected
Identify genuine parts & materials to ensure safety
Is printed memory right for your business?
Are you protecting revenue that’s tied to the use of authentic labels or product refills?
Are you looking for new ways to build consumer loyalty through more intelligent products?