Smart Label Sensors
Smart Label Sensors
Cost-effective electronic monitors as thin as a chemistry-based label
  • Produce, fresh meat, fresh fish and other perishable foods
  • Dairy products
  • Wines
  • Flowers
  • Life science (pharmaceuticals, medical devices)
  • Industrial applications including temperature and time-sensitive chemicals
Single-use, printed electronic indicators for temperature-sensitive shipments
  • Ensure safety and freshness for perishable food products
  • Ensure safety of life science products
  • Prioritize stocking choices based on temperature exposure
  • Ensure shipper compliance with temperature handling requirements
  • Support insurance claims for damaged shipments
Dual-threshold monitor
  • Clear visual indication of excursions above/below presets
  • 1mm thick, flexible label
  • Easy-activation - push-button start and ON display.
  • No pre-conditioning requirements
  • Factory configurable ranges from -3C to +30C
  • Factory configurable excursion duration
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